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      About Me

      Master Certified Coach

      Forever Scottish but based in the seaside town of Brighton in the U.K., I work with people face to face locally, and worldwide via telephone, skype and email. A graduate of leading coach training provider Coach U, I have been working as a coach for more than twenty years, delivering over 8,000 hours of coaching and working with hundreds of clients.

      A seasoned coach, I have worked with men and women from all walks of life including executives, artists, community leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs in many different countries.? I love TED talks and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to coach TED fellows through the HF initiative. https://thehf.org/project/ted

      Master Certified CoachI am a member of the International Coach Federation and I am committed to its standards and ethics. I was awarded the designation Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the ICF? in 2005, and am one of only a handful of coaches in the U.K. to have this outstanding professional accreditation.

      I am also a co-founder of Firework Coaching Company which, in partnership with Careershifters trains career coaches to deliver our pioneering Firework Career Coaching Programme.

      Wealth of experience

      I am passionate about my work and I draw on my wealth of experience in my coaching. I am resourceful, compassionate and committed. I am practical with a sense of humour and my style is fast paced and conversational, with a light touch. I listen well and people value my warm intuitive approach and progressive attitude. I have faced difficulties in my life and I believe that the experience of overcoming adversity and moving forward has strengthened my abilities as a coach.

      Educated at Edinburgh and East London Universities, I have worked as a writer, research consultant, and senior manager, holding senior positions in local government and the N.H.S. As co-ordinator of the Women and Work Hazards Group, I researched and wrote the best selling Office Workers’ Survival Handbook.

      Sound of Seagulls

      Originally from Glasgow, I have a cosmopolitan outlook, having lived and worked in Edinburgh, London, New York, Geneva and Sydney. Nowadays many of my phone clients say they enjoy the sound of Brighton’s seagulls when I work from the garden or by an open window. The sound often evokes memories of holidays at the coast and reminds them of life beyond work.

      Mentor Coaching and Supervision

      I am an experienced mentor coach and coach supervisor, having mentored and supervised ?scores of coaches in many countries. More ?